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Odor preface



Solo Exhibition

In my days of youth and innocence.

In my days of youth and innocence, I thought I had it under control. I thought I had it all figured out. I was an arrogant coward in the face of life. I then learned to revere impermanence. We know not what the future holds. The only certainty is human limitations. Not calculating gain or loss is what makes a hero of fearless courage.

The winding twists and turns of indecision. As I explore human complexity, in search of some answer to hold on to, I know there are no answers to be found. We need not understand all. That is not what is intended in painting.

The pebble road. Waves of muddied rainwater tainted by impurity flowed down. I walked up against the flowing rain. The smell of grass seemed foreign. The sky was always so gray and pale. The cold has sealed all humidity. Just like you, who have encountered profound impressions of life over and over again, and captured all with your gaze, in the moments that attest to the frailty of life. The distinct scent remained. Like iron…Yes, rusted iron. Like when fingertips touch the rusted, black and orange, crumbling iron. The remaining scent is left behind, ingrained in the memory.


Text by  Artist Hung Zhen You

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