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(b. 1992, Taiwan)

Artists go through the epidemic period, the changes in life and emotions are transformed from the inner self, and create artworks after repeating it. The art forms of different stages in the past and the life of the ambulance service cases have become the inspiration for the artist's creation. The path of creation has gone from realism to abstraction. The presentation of the works reflects the internalization and continuous dialogue between the artist and his works. The early series of works "Odor" is a record of the path.


The artist is drawn by the consciousness into a state of meditation when creating, which is a process of self-awareness in the turbulent world. The artist tried to remove the visualization of spiritual consciousness and demonstrates how to clarify the relationship between personal spirit and society. Through reflection and translation of spiritual complexity back to the artist, while depicting energy beyond the image, it pursues the precision of the composition of the technical period and creates an organic landscape about exploring the inner self.


This kind of practice enables the paintings to reversely involve the artist's self in the process, artist invests a lot of energy that is absorbed in life and quickly put into sketches, and then uses acrylic to create on the canvas, bringing out the recent series "Breath". In the process of painting, the subject and object are repeatedly replaced and guided by each other, presenting a strong connection between things and the artist, redefining the relationship between self and painting, and realizing the vastness of self to the universe in the derivation of painting behavior, finding a new balance of perception while expanding self-spiritual value.


After 10 years of persistence and pursuit of art, the artist has found his painting language and symbols to record the society, environment, and events. At the same time, he also hopes to be inspired by events and events, different regions, time, and space, to create and find his own utopia.

Group Exhibitions

2023   First Bloom, TARTCH Art Space, TAIPEI, TAIWAN

2015  Y.E.S Taiwan, Aki gallery, TAIPEI, TAIWAN


2022   DVINE, Limited wine label collaboration, TAIWAN
2021   Movie"The Fall" International Edition Poster collaboration, International Film Festival

2020   CHANG QUN Construction building lobby case, Chang Qun City, TAIPEI, TAIWAN

Solo Exhibitions

2024  Tactile, Gallery FUNC, SHANGHAI, CHINA

2023   Breath, PTT space, TAIPEI, TAIWAN


2020  Odor preface, memes, TAIPEI, TAIWAN

Dual Exhibitions

2022  Rooms, HUNG Zhen-You and ZHENG Er-Qi Dual Exhibition,  PTT space, TAIPEI, TAIWAN


2017  B.F.A. Department of Fine Arts, Chinese Culture University, TAIPEI, TAIWAN 


2014   The 16th Union Culture & Art foundation Young Artist Award, selected 

2013   Taoyuan Fine Arts Foundation, selected 

Art Fairs

2022   Art021, PTT space, SHANGHAI, CHINA

2022   TaipeiDangdai, Asia art center, TAIPEI, TAIWAN

2022   TaipeiDangdai, PTT space, TAIPEI, TAIWAN 

2017  Young Art Taipei, Aki gallery, Sheraton Hotels, TAIPEI, TAIWAN

2016  Young Art Taipei, Aki gallery, Sheraton Hotels, TAIPEI, TAIWAN 

2015  Young Art Taipei, Aki gallery, Sheraton Hotels, TAIPEI, TAIWAN

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