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First Bloom



Group Exhibition

First Bloom

The first heart blooms. In the realm of pure beauty, where frost cannot hinder its eternal bloom, lies a pathway for souls to embrace the essence of continuity and rebirth.

Art grants us a pathway to unconventional blossoming. As we gaze upon the fleeting or enduring moments within the passages of our existence, we bestow fresh lenses upon those imprints, permitting the fragmented perceptions to converge into a resounding or enduring echo.

This ethereal exhibition beckons viewers to immerse themselves in a profound spiritual realm, where the pristine melodies of six esteemed artists - Dong-Long Wu, Chen-You Hung, Meng-Yu Wen, Shao-Yu Lu (Lupa), Liang-Yin Wang, and Yi-Fang Wang - resonate. These seasoned creators, who have diligently nurtured the artistic landscape, extend an invitation to revisit the genesis of their initial musings.

The ephemeral imprints of existence and sentiment, woven through the tapestry of human traversal, coalesce into a fluid tapestry of mundane existence. Whether one casts their essence upon the canvas or entrusts art with their impressions, these traces meld into a harmonious symphony of daily existence.

In the realm of artistic expression, individuals effortlessly merge their essence with the canvas, or perhaps encapsulate their impressions within the sacred realm of artistry. These creators, with utmost sincerity, navigate the delicate and enigmatic realms of their being, ever attuned to the depths of their sensitivities.

In this transcendent gathering of spiritual perception, TARTCH gracefully harnesses this enchanting motif to lead the audience towards the profound essence and untainted brilliance of the artists in their nascent creative endeavors. The bloom, a fleeting or everlasting metamorphosis, persists in its unwavering devotion to meticulousness. It exists outside the constraints of time, breathing life into all it touches. Death and life, scenes and symbols, surrender to its enchanting allure, becoming vessels for its resounding voice. With each stroke of creation, it weaves aesthetic connotations, unraveling the enigmatic and infusing them with the essence of its own soul. Emotions, pure and unyielding, guide its interpretation of the incomprehensible, revealing truths hidden deep within.

This dreamlike exhibition calls out the viewer to embark on a journey, guiding them towards the enchanting realm of macrophotographs. Within these captivating frames, one can discover the radiant glow that emanates from the depths of their very own heart.

Text By TARTCH Art Space

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